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Cold shot

Поспрошал Грега нащот одной из любимых песен SRV "Cold shot". Классическая вещь, которую Стиви играет своим характерным хрустящим звуком.

Не доходило, как перевести припев:

And that's a cold shot baby...
Yeah that's a drag.

Вот что он ответил

The song refers to a relationship gone bad and the mean things people do to each other as a result.

She does things to him that are hurtful or mean. “Cold shot” is a hurtful, mean thing.

“Cold” referring to not acting human or warm, and “shot” being whatever she did to make him feel that way.

Example: Why did you say that? That’s a cold shot. Its as mean as you could be.

In the video the “shots “ are all exaggerated... she throws him off a building, etc.. but those are metaphors to his feeling from whatever she really did. It might have just been an insult or a rejection..…but to him it feels like being thrown off the building. A cold shot!

“That’s a drag” is a slang term from the 60’s…it means “that’s too bad”.

Example: You are sick? That’s a drag.

I hope my explanations help!

Мой вариант перевода:

И это плевок в лицо, крошка...

Да, это фигово.
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